Benefits of building with steel

At Summit Granny Flats, we have a single-minded commitment to building high-quality homes, so we’re always seeking the most effective and efficient processes. That’s why we have chosen to give our clients the option to build using a fully engineered steel framing system. Just like us, it’s innovative, strong and durable.

Our steel framing system is fully engineered and manufactured off-site in our state-of-the-art facility, then transported and installed on site. This is clearly an exciting revolution for WA home builders, however, this building process has been proven and tested on an industrial-scale many times before.

You can rest assured steel it’s a strong, safe and durable choice for your new granny flat, and has the following benefits:

  • Termite proof – 100% termite & European House Borer proof.
  • Unique Design Capabilities – ability to create innovative & non-conventional roof lines
  • Fast installation – getting you into your new home sooner
  • Minimal delays – built in a weather-proof purpose-built facility, operating 24 hours a day
  • Quality engineering – precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate
  • Engineer’s Certificate – your steel frame will be built to the exact specification
  • Safe and durable product – non-combustible so ideal for bushfire prone areas
  • Much cleaner building site – off-site fabrication ensures less mess and waste
  • Steel is recyclable; we efficiently remove all offcuts off-site & recycle them
  • Chemical and pesticide free

If you are interested in finding more about steel framing, contact us on 6365 2921.