Why Build?

You love where you live, but sometimes family situations change and you need more space. A granny flat is a cost effective way to cater for a range of different situations.

Plus, with the changes to legislation now coming into effect, you can always rent out the granny flat and use as an income source either now or in the future.

Granny flats offer an affordable alternative and are suitable for:

  • The elderly who require care and family close by while still maintaining their independence and privacy.
  • Young couples looking for the comforts of a new home that is easier and cheaper to maintain.
  • Growing families will find a granny flat is usually cheaper than the cost of an extension.
  • A hobby/games or multi-purpose room to create more space for leisure and retreat.
  • A teenagers’ retreat ensuring they’re close enough for you to keep an eye on them.
  • A home office ideal for a family business and cheaper than renting a space elsewhere.
  • Renting and deriving an income from your backyard.

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