Granny Flat Uses

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A granny flat doesn’t have to be built specifically for accommodating loved ones by any means! If you need additional space for your teenagers, an office to work in, or accommodating guests, then a granny flat could be the perfect choice for you.

How you best optimise your granny flat design will depend upon what use/s you have in mind.

If you will be housing an elderly relative, ensure it is future proof by looking at designs which will ensure longevity. Consider their current lifestyle and hobbies.  A one bedroom granny flat may seem sufficient, however an additional bedroom can allow for flexibility.

Teenage and adult children may use the granny flat as their own independent living space, where they can study quietly and adult children can save for their own place in the future.

Modern granny flats can also make fantastic home offices. The main bedroom can become your private office, while the open plan living area works well as a staff kitchen and client meeting area. Consider adding a second ‘bedroom’ should you want a more closed-off meeting room option, and make sure any visiting clients can enjoy easy access to the granny flat.

Today’s versatile granny flats can also work as an investment property. Check for rental demand in the area initially and, when proceeding, make sure your custom granny flat is fully approved and meets all legal requirements such as hard-wired smoke alarms and RCD’s. A private driveway and parking can also help optimise your granny flat design’s appeal.